Do you want to reduce your monitoring bills, upgrade an existing system (drinking water or wastewater), check for the presence of contaminants in the soil and water, gold in the streams, develop your site or expand your business activity?

At Aqua GeoServices, we provide our clients with commitment and quality and we value your time. Our approach to business is as follows:

  • We firmly believe in building a close working relationship with you in order to fully comprehend your needs.
  • This enables us to provide you with customised practical expertise and advice to reach your goals, control your costs and/or get you through planning.
  • We deliver comprehensive reports with appropriate, innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to all of your environmental challenges.

No matter what you need, we can help you solve any water-related environmental challenge you may have.

At AGS, we do not mislead our clients with cheap quotes that end up with more work down the line as requests for further information pile up, further delaying your project.

We will tell you upfront at the proposal stage what it would take to undertake a study with the best potential for a successful outcome. Should we not be in a position to appraise the full cost of a project, we will phase it so that you can keep control of your costs and review your options upon completion of each phase.

Our specialist expertise enables us to address any groundwater and surface water-related environmental issues and concerns in the most cost-effective manner.

In addition to our in-house team and if required, we can also draw from a pool of other highly qualified professionals that we selected over the years to bring together the best team for your project.

We can offer additional capabilities in the fields of:

    • Energy Efficiency.
    • Geothermal Energy.
    • GIS/Cartography.